Press Releases

MGG Invests in Historic Publisher and Distributor of Online Encyclopedic and Educational Materials

MGG Invests in an Established, Multi-channel Online Retailer with a Focus on Apparel and Home Goods Products

MGG Provides Additional Capital for an Add-on Acquistion in the Veteran Disability Sector

MGG 2023 Year in Review

MGG Invests in an Interactive and Immersive Arts and Entertainment Business

MGG Invests in a High-Performance Manufacturer of Battery Separators

MGG’s Kevin Griffin on Sourcing and Structuring Loans in the Non-Sponsored Lower MiddleMarket

MGG Invests in an English Premier League Professional Football Club

MGG Invests in a Leading Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Business

MGG Invests in a Premier Airport Concessions Operator

GrowthCap Top Private Debt Firms 2023 Logo

MGG Investment Group Named to GrowthCap’s Top Private Debt Firms List

MGG Invests in a Leading Provider of Outsourced Clinical Research Services for Phase I-IV Clinical Studies

MGG Invests in a Leading Provider of Software and Data Analytics to Local and Federal Governments

MGG Invests in Leading Sports Streaming Platform

MGG Invests in Leading Retail Analytics Firm

MGG Invests in Industry Leader of IP-Protected Kiosks

MGG Investment Group Supports Investment in United Medical Systems

MGG’s Investment in Sunpro Solar Named One of PDI’s 10 Deals of the Decade

MGG Sells Stake in Figo Pet Insurance to JAB Holdings

MGG Named Winner in 2021 Industry Innovation Awards

MGG Investment Group Successfully Exits Sunpro Solar Through Sale to ADT

MGG Invests in Leading U.S. Solar Panel Installer


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PDI Magazine: Expert Q&A “Why Higher Rates Lead to More Non-Sponsored Opportunities” with Greg Racz and Daniel Leger

PDI Magazine: Expert Commentary with Daniel Leger and Greg Racz

PDI Magazine: Expert Q&A “Demand Growing for Flexible Capital” with Kevin Griffin

MGG featured in Private Debt Investor’s “Expert Commentary”