Flexible Capital

MGG Investment Group takes tremendous pride in serving as a trusted partner to companies and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. We have earned a reputation among borrowers for getting deals done the right way and providing certainty to close. As a result, we enjoy strong repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.


MGG is industry agnostic. We primarily focus on North American companies with EBITDA between $5 million and $50 million, but will consider smaller and larger companies from time to time. MGG typically provides investments between $10 million to $200 million.


  • Automotive
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • Capital Equipment
  • Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber
  • Construction & Building
  • Consumer Goods
  • Containers, Packaging & Glass
  • Energy (Renewables)
  • Environmental Industries
  • Forest Products & Paper
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • High Tech Industries
  • Hotel, Gaming & Leisure
  • Impact Investments
  • Industrials
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Wholesale
For a list of CEOs who act as references for MGG, please contact us.


  Flagship Direct Lending Structured Solutions Sagamore Fund

Secured debt (1st lien), unitranche,  bridge loans, revolving credit, asset-  backed, esoteric assets

Mezzanine debt, preferred and/or minority common equity

Secured debt (1st lien) and unitranche

Typical Investments
  • $50-500MM revenue
  • $10-40MM EBITDA
  • 3-5x leverage
  • $20-500MM revenue
  • $5-40MM EBITDA
  • Deal dependent but typically under 75% LTV
  • $25MM revenue or greater
  • $5-50MM EBITDA
  • Up to 6x leverage
Representative Transactions
  • $115MM first lien term loan to support the acquisition of several theme park locations by a theme  park operator
  • $85MM first lien credit facility ($75MM term loan/$10MM revolver) to support the acquisition  of a money remittance business
  • $36MM first lien term loan to support a public online media company’s acquisition of a travel  platform
  • $37MM first lien credit facility ($34MM term loan/$3MM revolver) to support the acquisition of a chain  of funeral homes
  • $150MM unitranche credit facility ($110MM 1st lien/$40MM 2nd lien) to finance NHL team majority  owner’s acquisition of outstanding  minority interest
  • $65MM first lien term loan to fund a dividend recap of an online auction web platform
  • $325MM first lien credit facility ($300MM term loan/$25MM revolver) to support the acquisition  of an online lead generation and  customer acquisition platform
  • $30MM equity investment to the largest solar panel installer in the Southeastern U.S. to support their  continued growth
  • $27.5MM first lien venture loan to fast-growing cloud software business to finance their continued expansion
  • Participant in a $150MM PIPE investment with a leading commercial fleet electrification  business
  • $18MM structured preferred and common equity investment in a pet insurance business with compelling  strategic distribution partners
  • $15MM preferred equity investment and a $75MM senior secured credit facility to leading 3rd party reseller  on Amazon of health and beauty  products
  • $30MM senior secured loan that restructured (with an 80% ownership stake) an online marketplace for  hotel and entertainment in the Las  Vegas market
  • $23MM first lien term loan for recapitalization of leading U.S. provider of mobile ophthalmic equipment for cataract and refractive surgery
  • $50MM first lien term loan to finance sponsor acquisition of manufacturer of consumable punches and attachments for packing industry
  • $63MM senior secured term loan to finance a sponsor acquisition of an airport concession business with locations in top-20 airports
  • $29MM first lien/last out term loan to a national coffee roaster, wholesaler and distributor to provide flexible and long term financing